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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Season 4 Teaser Trailer

The Official Teaser Trailer for Season 4


That's right. It's not over. Sex and the Suburbs is coming back for a fourth season!

Coming Spring 2014

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Episode 2: “Fresno Shore”

Sex and the Suburbs
Season 3
Episode 2: “Fresno Shore”

Character Portrayals: Rachel and Gabriel (JWOWW and Roger), Iris and Ricardo (Snooki and Jionni), Jesse and Luis (Sammie and Ron), Marlen (The Situation), Vincent and Mitch (Vinny and Pauly D)

*WARNING, Sex and the Suburbs is intended for mature readers and contains sexual content, strong language, nudity and adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

I Couldn’t believe my fuckin eyes. I had just walked into an ambush of gorillas and grenades. Standing in front of me was Luis, holding Iris’ newborn baby boy, Aiden.

“Jesse…you got a lot of fucking explaining to do.” Luis snapped
“Don’t fucking talk to me like that. Are you serious? Really?...Really Luis?” I snapped back
“Why would you hide me from your fucking friends? What’s your fucking problem?” he said angry
“Listen…I’m done…I’m done…” I wiped my hands and walked away

“Jesse, can’t we all get along?” Vincent said walking in out of nowhere
“Vincent, please let me handle this bro.” I said

Mitch walked in behind him… “The cabs are here!”
“What fucking cabs?” Marlen asked

“Can I have my baby back?” Iris asked from the other side of the room
“She wants her baby back, you douche bag!” Ricardo snapped at Luis
“Don’t fucking call my man a douche bag, you son of a bitch.” I said shoving Ricardo.

Two male nurses came in thinking we were going to fight, but they began to get rowdy with us…there was no fucking way I was going to let some random male nurse make me look like a bitch.

“I’ll cut you!” I snapped…

Ricardo and I were fighting off the male nurses next to Iris’ bed.

“Get the fuck off him you fucking meat head!” she yelled

Iris got sucker punched.

“WE GOT A SITUATION HERE!” yelled Marlen down the hall

Vincent, Mitch, Gabriel, Luis, Ricardo and I pulled the male nurse off of the beds. The one male nurse that hit Iris had ripped his scrubs during the fight.

“Me and my titties are getting out of here.” Rachel said walking out.
“Tig Ol’ Bitties!” Marlen walked after Rachel

We all walked out of the hospital heated by the situation.


Things cooled down since the incident at the hospital. We all planned to get out of the Fresno are and head to the coast. We decided to go to Santa Cruz. We all drove up separately and were all splitting the cost for a beach house for the weekend.

We were the first one there.

“Looks like we’re the first ones that made it.” Luis said
“I just said that.” I said
“No you didn’t.” Luis corrected me
“Oh yeah…I guess I was just thinking it.”
“You’re such an idiot.” Luis said
“Why are you being so douchey?” I said
“Let’s just have fun while we’re here okay.” Luis said
“I’d like that, just don’t go fucking with other guys and come and lay in the same bed with me like you did in Fresno!” I said
“Can you please let that go? That was last year!”
“Hmm.” I said as I drug my luggage up the steps to the front door.

We walked in to an amazingly wide opened beach house with hardwood floors and a huge kitchen. We went upstairs to claim our room. We found a room that had four beds in it. Luis and I threw our stuff in the room since it was the most descent and had a great view.

“Someone just pulled up.”
“Is it the whore?” I asked
“Yup…it’s the whore.”

In walked Marlen.
“The Seduction is in the house!”

After Marlen, Vincent and Mitch walked in.
“Hello! Where’s the food!” Vincent yelled
“I’ll start the drinks, and then we’ll GTL.” Mitch said
“We need to go out tonight…you be my wing man yeah?” Vincent asked Mitch
“I got your back!” Mitch said

Iris, Ricardo, Rachel and Gabriel were the last to arrive.

“You’re in Santa Cruz, you nerd.” Rachel said

“HOUSE MEETING!” Iris yelled

We all gathered in the living room.

“Where are your baby’s?” I asked Rachel and Iris
“We left them with the grandparents.” Rachel said
“Okay, so…I thought it would be nice if we paired off while we were here. I know that we all hate Angelina…”

“Who the fuck is Angelina?” I whispered to Luis

“…So I decided that we should have a new roommate!” Iris said as she walked to the front door.

We all watched with curiosity and wondering what the fuck she was talking about.

The door opened and in walked this short meatball looking chick.

“This is my friend Deena!” Iris yelled.
“Yay! Two meatballs!” Deena screamed jumping and hugging Iris.
“She’s a blast in a glass!” Iris said
“Hey that’s my line!” Deena laughed

“Okay, this bitch has to go…” I said getting up and splitting up the girls.
“Wait, why are you kicking me out!” Deena asked
“Because we don’t know who the fuck you are…and you’re ugly!” I said pushing her out of the door.

“That was fucking me, you bitch!” Iris said
“How about I give you a fat lip?” I got in her face
“Wait…are we friends in this season or not?” Iris asked
“I’m not sure…oh well.” I said as I started to pull Iris’ hair which was up in a poof.
“Get off me you fucking ugly bitch!” Iris screamed
“Okay, get off her!” Rachel cut in
“You don’t want any of this!” I screamed at Rachel
“What?! You gonna do something about it! Come on you cunt! Hit me…FUCKING HIT ME!” she got in my face

“Okay, okay…no more fighting.” Gabriel and Ricardo broke us up.

Marlen walked over to Iris to comfort her.
“You don’t deserve that. You know I’m always here for you…you know I love you right…I mean, I got mad love for you.”
“You’re a good friend.” Iris said
“…friend?” Marlen asked
“Yeah…a friend.” Iris said firmly
“Just a friend? What about that night…I mean, we weren’t friends then…we smooshed.”
“Marlen! I don’t know what you are talking about, but nothing happened!”
“I call bullshit! I saw it happen…you’re cooka was showing.” Vincent said
“Shut up Vince! I didn’t sleep with Marlen.” Iris said
“I’m tired of this; you are always embarrassing me…” Ricardo said as he stormed out of the house.
“See what you guys did!” Iris said running after him

“Fuck it, let’s get ready and go out!” Marlen said
“Let’s do this!” Luis said
“IT’S T-SHIRT TIME!” Mitch said
“Luis, let’s stay home, lie in bed and be boring.” I said
“We never go out and have fun. Can you stop nagging at me for one minute and let’s go have fun.” Luis said
“Fuck you asshole! Get the fuck outta here!” I said

Luis, Vincent, Mitch, Gabriel and Marlen got ready to go out.

“THE CABS ARE HERE!” Mitch yelled up the stairs

The boys and Marlen left.

Iris and Ricardo came back from outside.

“Where is everyone going?” Iris asked
“Where the fuck have you been?” Rachel asked
“Outside with Ricardo eating fried pickles.”
“You are so sick.” I said
“The boys went out to the club.” Rachel said
“What club” Iris asked
“Club Drama.” I said
“Sounds like fun, we should go.” Ricardo said.
“No, Luis is there and probably macking on guys.” I said
“So what, go out and have fun…show him you can have fun without him.” Rachel said
“Fuck it…let’s go then.” I said

We got ready and headed out to the club. Once we got there, we found the boys in the middle of the dance floor fist pumping.

Mitch popped out from the thick crowd into my face…

“YEAH BUDDY!” he screamed
“Jerk, you scared me!” I said laughing

Marlen was in the corner making out with two guys showing of her two pierced situations.

“GET EM MARLEN!” we yelled at her.

I found Luis dancing with the guys and talking to random people. I got on a go-go box and started dancing…I had the entire club watching me work the box and the pole behind it.
I suddenly saw Luis cutting through the crowd towards me. Rachel came up behind me and tried to pull me down.

“What?” I snapped
“Get down, you’re being dumb.” She said
“Fuck it…he wants to party with other guys…so will I!” I said dancing provocatively on the box.
“Get the fuck down here!” he yelled
“Don’t talk to me like I’m a grenade.” I said still dancing

Vincent and Mitch were scoping the crowd…being each other’s wing men. Unfortunately, they both struck out that evening. Marlen however snagged two guys and was bringing them home. Iris and Ricardo, Rachel and Gabriel, Luis and Myself all decided to go home. We got in the cab and headed back to the beach house.

“Let’s not fight. All we do is fight about the same shit over and over…and all you say is…I’m done.” Luis said
“Well…I’m done. I don’t like arguing.” I said
“Let’s be happy please.” He said
“Okay…I’m happy.” I said.

Once we got home, we headed to our rooms. Marlen took her guys to the smoosh room and had her way with them…ten minutes later, she came out and the guys took the walk of shame.

“I called a cab for you guys…goodnight.” She said closing the door behind them.

Vincent and Mitch were lying in their own beds talking.

“I can’t believe we struck out tonight.” Vincent said
“Yeah buddy…I know.” Mitch said
“Too bad…I was really in the mood to get some smoosh action.” Vincent said sadly

Mitch got up and sat next to Vincent on his bed with his arm around him.

“It’s alright Vincent…we’ll get lucky next time.” He said comforting his companion.
“I just wish it was tonight…” Vincent said looking into Mitch’s eyes
“Well…it could still happen…” Mitch said leaning in closer to Vincent
“I hope so…” Vincent said leaning in even closer
“I…I want…” Mitch stuttered
“I want…me too.” Vincent wasn’t able to complete a sentence

They suddenly began to kiss and pin each other done on the bed…

Meanwhile everyone else was finally getting along and smiling, happy and having a good time.

“See…all we needed was some fresh air and to get out of Fresno for a while.” I said
“Yeah, I’m glad we did.” Rachel said
“This was a good trip.” Marlen said
“Hey…where’s Vincent and Mitch?” Iris asked

*Note: The characters are inspired by real life beings but portrayals and some situations are fictitious.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Episode 1: “Sex and the Secrets”

Sex and the Suburbs
Season 3
Episode 1: “Sex and the Secrets”

*WARNING, Sex and the Suburbs is intended for mature readers and contains sexual content, strong language, nudity and adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

It’s been a few weeks since Luis and I reconciled. It felt good. He moved in completely and things were going great. It was as if we had never broken up…minus the incident that broke us up. The girls didn’t know we were back together. This was my doing. I wasn’t ready to tell them. I knew that they probably wouldn’t agree with my choice. I hadn’t met with the girls in a while. I was spending most of my time with Luis.

                It was Thursday and I was at work. I was just heading to lunch when I got a call. It was from Rachel.

“Hello?” I answered
“Jesse! It’s happening! Iris is going into Labor!” she said quickly
“What!! Wha-whe-who…What Hospital?” I finally spit it out
“Kaiser, on Fresno and Alluvial!” she said
“Okay, I’ll head right over.” I hung up and jumped into my truck and sped off

As I was driving to the hospital, I called Luis.

“Hey, babe.” He answered
“Hey. Iris is in labor. I’m heading to the hospital right now.” I said
“Oh shit. Do you want me to meet you there? What hospital?” he asked

Fuck. I couldn’t tell him I was hiding him from my friends. I hadn’t even told them that I was seeing him again.

“No. It’s okay. Just stay home, it’s your day off, just relax. I’ll call you when the baby is born.” I said
“No. I want to go too.” He said

But it was too late, I hung up. I drove up to the hospital, which luckily was only a mile from my job. I parked and ran into the Birthing Center. At the front desk was a stubby nurse on her computer.

“Hi, I’m here to see Iris Villegas.”
“Name?” she asked calmly
“Jesse Casas. Is she here? What room? I’m supposed to take pictures when the baby arrives.” I said
“Are you family?” she asked
“No, I’m gay.” I said, not even thinking
“But are you family?” she asked again
“No, I’m a friend.” I said
“Only family is allowed during this time. You can have a seat in the waiting room.”

I walked to the waiting room as instructed, pulled out my cell phone and decided to text Rachel.

I’m here, but the nurse at the front desk won’t let me in. I’m in the waiting room.

I waited for a response.

We’re in room 119. But we’re coming out right now.

I wondered if the baby was born already. A few minutes later, Rachel and Marlen came in and sat down next to me.

“Baby?” I asked
“No baby.” Marlen responded
“Still pushing?” I asked
“Nope, false alarm.” Rachel explained
“What? So she wasn’t in labor?” I asked
“No, it was gas.” Marlen said
“Damn it. When is this baby coming out? Any longer and Iris is going to break her back.” I said
“Well the doctor said she’ll be due within a week.”
“Well, let me know if you hear anything. I’m on my lunch and I gotta get back. Tell Iris I said congrats.” I said
“Congrats for what??” Rachel asked
“Oh…um, I don’t know…congrats for having gas!” I laughed and shook my head as I ran off

I got into my truck and immediately called Luis.

“Thanks for hanging up on me.” He said
“I’m sorry. I was in a rush. Don’t be mad please. Besides, Iris didn’t go into labor after all. She just had gas.” I said
“Aww. Well, next time let me know when she does go into labor.”
“Okay.” I lied

                Iris was released from the hospital. Ricardo drove her back home. She decided to text all of us.

Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks everyone for coming though.

We all responded, telling her it was okay. Iris went to bed that night a little saddened that she didn’t give birth that day.

“What’s wrong?” Ricardo asked, hugging her as they lay in bed.
“I just want the baby to come already so I can hold him and start being a mom.” She said
“He will come…and you are being a mom already. You’re feeding him, taking care of yourself, which means you’re taking care of him. He’s in the most safest place at this very moment.” He reassured her

Iris smiled and held Ricardo closer.

“You want to have sex?” Iris asked
“What? Babe, what about the baby? Won’t I dent his head?? I mean, he’s almost due?” Ricardo hesitated
“I know, but the doctor said that sex is the most relaxing for a pregnant woman and could even stimulate the baby to come even sooner.” Iris said
“He said that?” he asked unsure
“Just fuck me!” Iris said tackling him

                Marlen was at home on her laptop chatting with her internet boo. She had been exclusive with him for three weeks. They met off Facebook. It was serious. She really liked him. Her codename for him was “Denver Boo”. They had phone conversations and web cam experiences, but never met in person. There was so much attraction between them, but Marlen was known for having multiple boos.

Rachel and Gabriel were also home playing with Baby Martin. He was getting so big, so fast. Rachel decided to text me.

What are you doing, hunny?

I responded as Luis and I were cleaning up after dinner. Just at home doing some cleaning.

You want to come over for a bit? She asked
Oh, maybe next time. I’m too tired to drive across town. I said
Well we can come over. Let me just change Martin and we’ll head over for a couple of hours.

Fuck. What am I going to do? I was in a jam.

No…I’m actually going to go to bed early. I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately and I just need the rest.

Rachel took a while to respond after that.

Are you okay, Jess? You’re acting kinda funny.

She knew me all too well. I’m fine. I’ll ttyl. Goodnite.

                The next day arrived. Friday. I headed to work. Mid-way through the day, I received a text from Ricardo. The baby is coming! We’re heading to the hospital!

“Again?” I thought to myself. I ignored the text because I didn’t want to go through the same hassle as before. I figured most likely it was another false alarm. I continued with my day. The end of the day finally arrived and I was heading home. Just as I exited the freeway, I received a text message. It was from Rachel.

Hey where are you? Iris just gave birth! You better come down here…we need to talk anyways.

Fuck. Iris gave birth and I wasn’t there to support her! I quickly drove down to the hospital. I finally arrived and ran to the front desk.

“Iris Villegas?” I asked
“Room 107” said the nurse.
“Thanks” I said running in the direction of the room. I could hardly wait to see the baby and to see my friends surrounding Iris in her moment of joy.

I walked into the room as everyone was standing in a circle near a corner. It looked like they were crouching over someone holding the baby. It must have been Iris. As I walked in further, I noticed Iris and Ricardo on the other side of the room. Iris was in bed, sweaty and looked like she was still in pain. Ricardo was comforting her. In the opposite side of the room where everyone stood were Rachel, Marilyn, Marlen and Gabriel. So who else was here and what were they looking at?

“Hey guys!” I said to catch their attention

Everyone turned around with a mute face. Something was wrong. They didn’t know if they should be happy or disappointed.  They moved to the side as I walked closer towards them. There sitting in the chair…was Luis, holding the baby.

My secret was out…FUCK ME.

*Note: The characters are inspired by real life beings but portrayals and some situations are fictitious.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Its the year 2012! Last year was such a success! We can wait to see you all again on March 3, 2012 with a brand new season of SEX AND THE SUBURBS!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Episode 23: “That Old Feeling – Part 2 (Season Finale)”

Sex and the Suburbs
Season 2
Episode 23: “That Old Feeling – Part 2 (Season Finale)”

*WARNING, Sex and the Suburbs is intended for mature readers and contains sexual content, strong language, nudity and adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…Luis just admitted to missing me. This is definitely something I wasn’t expecting. I was hoping to start a friendship. I wasn’t even sure I was ready to get back with him. But then, he touched my hand with his. His fingertips rubbing my knuckles.

“Jesse?” he asked, as I realized I had a shocked look on my face
“Oh…Um. Sorry. I’m just…I don’t know what to say.” I said
“Oh…well, maybe I shouldn’t have said it…maybe it’s just bad timing.” He said
“No, no. It’s not that. I’m just a little confused.” I admitted

Luis grabbed the bottom of his seat and scooted over next to me.

“I want this to work. No more lies, no more games. Just you and me…like we said from the beginning.” He said
“That’s my line.” I laughed
“I know…and I’ve never forgotten it.” He smiled

                I stared into his eyes. He was being honest. He meant what he said. He truly did miss me, love me and didn’t want to be with anyone else but me.

“Luis…” I began
“Yes.” He said perking up
“After we broke up…I trained myself to not have feelings for you. This isn’t going to be easy. But, I can’t deny my feelings anymore.” I said
“So what are you saying?” he asked
“Let’s give it another go.” I said smiling
“Really?” he said lighting up
“Yeah. Fuck the past…let’s work this out.” I said cheerfully

We stood up and hugged each other.  I could feel his chest pumping air in and out. He was nervous and relieved.

“I love you.” He said in my ear
“I love you too.” I responded into his ear

                The night was perfect. We finished our dinner and headed back to my place. I gave him the tour. He played with the cats, since he hadn’t seen them since the breakup. He loved the new place.

“So does this mean I can move back in with you?” he asked
“Hmm, I don’t know. Do you think you deserve to?” I asked smiling
“No.” he said gloomy
“I’m kidding. Of course you can move back in.”
“When? Tomorrow?” he asked with cheer again
“Let’s just take it one day at a time.” I laughed

                That night, Luis and I made love and it was like nothing had ever changed. He spent the night. I woke up with my arms around him. He was sound asleep. I moved my arm so I can go pee, but he woke up.

“Where you going?” he asked
“Have to pee.” I said

I got back to the room and he was gone from the bed. I looked in the living room and didn’t see him there either. I finally walked into the kitchen. Luis had the fridge door open and was pulling out stuff to make breakfast.

“Ugh, I miss your breakfast.” I said sitting on the dining room chair
“Do you really?” he asked
“Of course.” I said

He began making the food as I watched with joy. It felt nice having my boyfriend back, to wake up next to him…to hear someone tell me they loved me back.

“Can I ask you something?” he began
“What?” I asked
“You aren’t still planning to move to San Francisco right?”
“No. I’m sure my friends will like to hear that news.” I said
“Oh, how are Rachel, Marlen and Iris?” he asked
“Good. Really good. Iris is pregnant.” I said
“What? Really? Awww…does she know what she’s having?” he asked
“A boy.” I said
“And…Rachel? She had a baby right?” he asked
“Yeah. She had a son. Martin. She appointed me the Godfather.” I smiled
“Aww. I want to see him…I want to see everyone again. Let’s plan a game night with all of them this weekend.” He said
“Well, let’s wait for a while. We just got back together less than 24 hours ago. I want to just have you all to myself for a while.” I said…but the truth was that I knew my friends wouldn’t be happy I was back with Luis. After all the heartache he put me through. I didn’t want to lose my friends over this either. My friends were very protective and didn’t approve of second chances, which I really don’t either. I had to find the right time to tell everyone.

“Okay. That’s fine.” He giggled
“Hey. What are you doing tonight?” I asked
“No plans, why?” he asked
“I got concert tickets…” I said waiting for his question
“To who?!” he began to get excited
“SALT-N-PEPA!” I shouted
“NO WAY!!! Oh my gosh! I love them!” he said
“I know…will you be my date?” I asked
“Of course! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. I’ve never been to a concert before! I can’t wait to see them.” He got so excited be forgot he was cooking.

“Fuck, the food.” He yelled

                Luis finished making breakfast, it was so good! We washed up and got ready. Luis had things to do and I had to meet up with the girls for some shopping. I loved shopping with them because we each had connections at certain stores and got really great discounts.

                I met up with the girls at Fashion Fair mall.

“Hey!” we all hugged each other
“Okay, so what store first?” I asked
“Let’s go to Forever 21!” Iris said
“No, let’s go to Macy’s!” Rachel said
“No, let’s go to Victoria’s Secret!” Marlen said as she began walking towards the store

We all followed Marlen. I loved Victoria’s Secret, for the Men’s cologne of course. I walked around with Rachel as she fingered through the panties….wait. Let me rephrase that. While she browsed the panty section.

“So, the concert is tonight. Who you planning on taking?” Rachel asked
“Um…I’m not sure. I’m thinking a good friend of mine.” I lied
“Oh, so you aren’t taking Marley Mar?” Rachel asked
“No. I’ know she really wanted to go.”
“Yeah. Well, she’ll understand.” Rachel said

I yawned.

“Tired? What were you doing last night?” Rachel joked
“Nothing…just had a long night.” I said…Fuck! I shouldn’t have said that
“Really? Have a hot date?” she asked

I was getting cornered…I needed to lie quick.

“Just a casual thing. Fuck em and dump em.” I said looking down
“That’s my Jesse!” Rachel said

                We spent three hours at the mall. I ended up spending $250 on sun glasses, a jacket and shoes. Rachel spent the most at Macy’s. She spent almost $600 on clothes. We left for our homes. Later that night, Luis came back over and we drove to the concert. We were so pumped. We got there a little early and waited in line for about 20 minutes. They finally opened the gates and we stood at the very foot of the stage. The concert wasn’t going to start for another hour, but we didn’t want to give up our area. Everyone around us was in their twenties and up. There were a few teenagers that didn’t seem to know who the legends were.

“Thank you for inviting me.” Luis said
“Of course. You’re my boyfriend.” I said smiling

                After an hour of waiting and another hour of opening local talents, the queens of hip hop arrived on stage. Salt and Pepa! It was amazing. We could touch them if we wanted to. They sang all of their hits along with some unheard music. 

At one point of the concert, Pepa looked directly at me and blew me a kiss. It was amazing. I felt weak at the knees. Luis was having such a good time. His first concert. I popped his concert cherry. Towards the end of the show, Pepa threw some shirts into the audience and her giant diamond ring flew off her hand and hit Luis’ stomach.

“Ouch, what the fuck was that?” he said looking down
“Was it that?” I asked laughing at the giant diamond
“Oh my god!” he said about to pick it up, but a crazed fan next to us yanked it from under his hand and clutched it to her chest.

“ITS MINE!’ she sneered
“Okay! Crazy!” I said looking at her

The concert ended with their smash hit PUSH IT. Afterwards, we left the arena and walked to the parking lot where I met up with my friend Marie and her daughter who had mentioned the concert to me in the first place.

“Hey boy! Did you like the concert?” she asked
“Oh hell yea! I loved it. We were right in front!” I said showing her the pictures I took
“FUCK! Lucky ass.” She said
“Oh, this is Luis. Luis this is my friend Marie and her daughter Paris.” I introduced them
“Nice to meet you.” They both said

We parted ways and headed home. The drive home was relaxing. Luis held my hand and never let go. It was the end of a bad memory…but the beginning of new relationship.

*Note: The characters are inspired by real life beings but portrayals and some situations are fictitious.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Episode 22: “That Old Feeling – Part 1”

Sex and the Suburbs
Season 2
Episode 22: “That Old Feeling – Part 1”

*WARNING, Sex and the Suburbs is intended for mature readers and contains sexual content, strong language, nudity and adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

                It was Friday night. I was sitting at home, online looking up apartments in San Francisco. I was feeling excitement and nervousness about moving to a new city. I know that my friends didn’t think that moving was a good idea. But I wasn’t even sure if this was a permanent move. Maybe just for a year or two. All I knew was I had to leave or I would drown in my own past of pain and suffering. Call me dramatic, but it’s just something that I felt very strongly about.

                My friend Marie text me.

Hey, you still going to the concert tomorrow?

I responded, I sure am. You are going right?

She then responded to my text, Yup. With Paris.

Paris was her daughter. I had taken photos of her daughter who was an amateur model for my website. We texted one another for a while until I finally had to tell her goodnight. I wasn’t going to sleep, it was only 7:30pm, I just wanted some time to sit and think. I decided to go to my Facebook and see what updates I had. For some reason, I decided to search Luis. I looked him up to find something astonishing. His Facebook name didn’t say Luis & Adrian anymore. I clicked on his profile information and quickly scrolled down to his relationship status…there it was…the final icing on the cake. Single.

“Holy shit!” I said to myself.

I did something that I never thought that I would do. I grabbed my cell phone and opened my text messages and selected the text message from Luis. I hit, “Call Now”. I put the phone to my ear and I could only hear the thudding of my heart and the dim ringing in my ear, hoping that Luis didn’t pick up.

“Hello?” said a voice

I didn’t say anything.

“Jesse?” he asked
“Oh, hey.” I said
“Hi. I’m surprised you called me.” Luis said
“I was having a spontaneous moment.” I admitted
“Glad you did.” He said, I could tell he was smiling

I was smiling too, but I made sure I didn’t speak when I was.

“You want to meet up for dinner? I haven’t eaten anything.” He said
“Oh…umm. What about Adrian?” I asked
“Ehh…he won’t care.” He lied

That lie alone made me keep my guard up. I remembered that that was the reason why we broke up, because he lied to me.

“Sure. Where did you want to go eat?” I asked
“I was thinking maybe Piazza Del Pane.” He said
“Pricey.” I laughed
“My treat.” He said with smoothness in his voice
“What time?” I asked
“20 Minutes?” he said
“Meet there or…”
“I’ll pick you up.” He said

We hung up and I felt heat rushing through my body. I was nervous, just like on our first date. Just like the first time I proposed…just like when I met his family or when he met mine.

30 Minutes later and no sign of Luis. I was anxious to call. I held back. Ten minutes later and still nothing. That’s it. I was calling.

The phone rang and there was an answer, “Hey.” He said gloomy
“Uh, hi. So, where are you?” I asked
“What? I just left. You didn’t answer the door.” He said
“You didn’t come. I’ve been waiting this whole time.” I said frustrated
“Well, I left you a note on the door because I thought this was your way of getting back at me.”

I walked to the door and opened it. There wasn’t a note.

“Luis, why are you lying?” I asked furious
“I swear I did.” He said
“Well, unless you went to…” I paused…Fuck! I thought to myself. I moved. He had no idea that I had moved. Shit! “Did you go to the apartment we used to live in?” I asked

“Wait, what do you mean used to?” he asked
“I don’t live in the Cedar Wood apartments anymore. I moved to the Castilian Apartments two lights north.” I said

“Oh shit. That means I left a sappy letter at some strangers door.” He said laughing
“I’m soo sorry. I totally forgot to tell you.” I pleaded for his forgiveness
“It’s okay. Looks like our night is starting off kind of funny.” He said
“Yeah. It’s a good thing you live down the street…well, I’m assuming you are living with your Dad again?” I asked
“Yeah, I am. I didn’t want to live with a guy again.” He said

I gave him the address to my apartments and within 5 minutes he arrived. My doorbell rang and I rushed to open it.

There he was. My ex. Luis. Still as handsome as the first day I saw him.

“You ready?” he asked
“Yeah.” I said locking the doors

We got into his car and drove off to the restaurant. Once we go there it was like we had been friends for years. The conversation was flowing and we were laughing and having a good time. That was until…

“I broke up with Adrian.” He said as we overlooked the menu without actually looking at it
“What?!” I tried to act shocked
“Yeah. It wasn’t working.” He admitted
“I’m sorry. Are you guys still friends at least?” I asked
“No. I think it’s for the best.” He said

I didn’t know what to say after that. I just hummed and began to look around the restaurant.

“So, anybody in your life?” he asked me
“No. Single and ready to mingle.” I chuckled

That was stupid. I couldn’t believe I said that cheesy line.

“I’m kidding. I’m not looking. I’m actually moving to San Francisco in a month.” I admitted openly
“Oh…” he said with a pale face
“Is that a good ‘Oh’ or a bad one?” I asked
“Well, I’m sure it’s something you have been thinking of for a while.” He said
“It is. And I think it’s for the best. New city, new life, new everything.” I said playing with my silverware

He looked as if someone had killed his puppy in front of his own eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I just figured that since Adrian and I weren’t together anymore…we could become friends…” he said
“Oh. Well…fuck…this is kind of awkward.” I said

“I’ve missed you.” He finally said
“Really?” I asked shocked
“Yes. That’s actually why I broke up with Adrian, because I started to feel confused after I saw you at the movies.” He said without a breath of air
“Oh my God.” I said beginning to hyperventilate
“Will you stay…in Fresno…for me? Will you forgive me…I still care for you…I still love you.” He said

I took a giant gulp…


*Note: The characters are inspired by real life beings but portrayals and some situations are fictitious.

Episode 21: “WWJD (What Would Jesse Do?)”

Sex and the Suburbs
Season 2
Episode 21: “WWJD (What Would Jesse Do?)”

*WARNING, Sex and the Suburbs is intended for mature readers and contains sexual content, strong language, nudity and adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

                It had finally arrived, the moment we had all been waiting for, the long time in preparation. The nerves and the excitement was almost overwhelming, but I knew I could do this. I knew that I was chosen for a reason. The choice to be the Godfather to Rachel and Gabriel’s son, Martin. Nykysha was chosen as the Godmother. She was very warm hearted and caring. She was also the perfect choice. This was a huge responsibility and honor that Rachel and Gabriel had bestowed upon us.

                It was the day of the Baptism. I woke up around 9:00am. I showered, shaved and did my routine morning chores. I slipped on my pin stripped pants and a long sleeved black stripped dress shirt. I left my apartment and got into my truck and drove across town to Rachel’s house. I knocked on the door and Gabriel opened the door in his underwear.

“Hey..oohh…wow.” I said trying not to stare
“Hey, come on in.” he said opening the door

I walked in, but before I could pass him, he grabbed hold of me and hugged me.

“Oh, hi.” I said hugging him back, “You are….so….naked.” I said laughing
“Oh, it’s just my undies.” He said chuckling as he headed back to his room to finish changing
“Rachel is getting ready and Nykysha is on her way.” He said

Baby Martin was in his bouncer, smiling like always.

“Hey little guy! Today is the big day!” I said in baby talk, he just laughed and kicked his feet

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that?” Gabriel said
“Okay.” Said a voice from the bathroom

Rachel walked out into the living room, not even noticing I was sitting down on the couch. She was in her skirt and black laced bra.

“Uhh, hello!” I said blushing
“Oh hey!” She said waiving to me. She didn’t even seen to be shy about the fact that her top half was pretty much out there.

She opened the door, it was Nykysha.

“Heyyy!” Nykysha said as she walked in to hug Rachel.

She then walked over to me, smiling.

“Finally, someone fully clothed!” I laughed
“Yeah, what’s up with that?” she asked
“No clue.” I responded

Rachel walked over to properly hug me.
“I’m almost done and we can leave.” She said, “But, while I finish, go ahead and take Martin into the bedroom and get him ready for the baptism, its tradition for the Godparents to put him in his baptism clothing.” She explained to us

“No problem.” I said

We grabbed Martin and headed to the bedroom, where Gabriel was putting on his final piece of clothing, his shoes.

                After dressing Martin up and taking a few pictures we headed to the church. Once we arrived, we met up with Rachel’s parents, soon after; my parents arrived for the big day. The arrivals kept coming. Marlen was next to arrive. Sarah also came. We sat down and waited for the priest to give us our instructions. He finally came out and asked a few questions, only problem was. I had no idea what he was talking about. He had a very thick Spanish accent.

“Ken I pleece, git da gotparis of Martin Bennie Rios to come up to da front wit da shild.” He said looking in our direction

“What the hell did he say?” I asked Rachel
“Shh, we’re in a church!” Rachel snapped
“Oh….What the Heaven did he say?” I asked
Rachel tried not to laugh, “He wants you guys to go up there with Martin.”

I grabbed the baby as Nykysha and I headed up to the front.

“I bliss you.” He said as she splattered oily water on my face
“Amen.” I said
“I bliss you.” He said splattering the holy water on Nykysha
“I didn’t sneeze.” She whispered under her breath. I fought back laughter

We were then joined by Rachel and Gabriel. A few of Rachel’s family members were taking photos and my mother decided she would act as photographer as well. Only problem is she was blocking the others photos and was receiving nasty looks from them. She continued to snap away as we all struggled to understand the priests heavy accent, I could tell he was getting a little frustrated because he would say things twice to us, the second time around he would interact with hand gestures. I held onto little Martin as if he was all I had to live for, which at this moment, he was. I titled his little body down as the priest said his prayer and poured the holy water over his head. Martin smiled for a split second, but eventually began to cry. I held him and bounced him just a bit to calm him down.

                Before I even knew it, the ceremony was over and we were taking photos with the priest. Just as we finished taking photos, Iris and Ricardo arrived.

“Hey, you guys are kind of late.” I joked
“Yeah, I know. Ricardo was being an ass! Taking his sweet time to get ready because he wanted to go play airsoft.” Iris snickered
“Ricardo…this is a special day. Jeez.” I look at him, just giving him a hard time.
“I know, it’s my fault.” He smiled at me

Rachel came over and hugged them both.

“Thanks for coming.” She said with a smile and a slightness of sarcasm
“No problem, sorry we’re a little late.” Iris pleaded
“It’s all good. We’re going to my brother’s ranch and have a party. You want to follow us there?”

We all agreed and caravanned to the ranch. We arrived and immediately got relaxed and began drinking. We all sat at a table together. Ricardo, Gabriel, Marlen and I had some shots and some MD 20/20. One of my favorites.

“I have something to tell you guys.” I said taking a deep breath

Everyone looked at me; even the table next to us seemed to be paying close attention.

“I ran into Luis at the movies a couple of weeks ago.”
“What? Are you okay?” Marlen asked
“Yes.” I laughed
“Well, did you guys talk? Did he even see you?” Rachel asked
“Yes, we talked. It was awkward however. He was with Adrian.”

There was a mix of groans and hisses and even a that fucker! I was glad to have friends like this that cared for me. I just hated putting them in the mix of things and hearing me complain over and over about the same situation and my distraught feelings.

“Yeah. He also text me.”
“WHAT!” Everyone said at the same time
“I didn’t respond.” I quickly said
“Are you going to?” Iris asked
“I’m not sure. Well, wait, no!” I quickly changed my answer
“You don’t sound sure.” Rachel said
“What would Jesus do?” Ricardo said to lighten the mood
“Well, the real question is what would Jesse do?” Marlen said
“I just don’t know if I’m strong enough. I’ve actually been thinking about something and I don’t know if you guys will support my decision, but it’s something I have seriously considered.”
“What is it? NO matter what you decide, we are behind you 100%” Rachel said with care
“Well, not literally behind you.” Ricardo tried to joke again, except no one laughed
“Jackass.” I said, nudging his side
“So tell us.” Marlen said
“I’m thinking of moving to San Francisco before the end of the Fall.” I said flatly

Everyone seemed stunned. No words were spoken. They all looked at one another and gave me the look as if someone had died.
“What? Sweetie, that’s pretty extreme.” Rachel said
“I know. But I think it’s the best way to start fresh once and for all.”
“I’m sorry, but I think you are making a big mistake.” Marlen said firmly
“I do to. I don’t think you should run away from your problems.” Iris said
“I’m not running away. I just think I should get some new scenery in my life.” I said
“Well, when would this go into effect?” Rachel asked
“Well, it’s not like I’m leaving this week. Besides, I have a Salt N’ Pepa concert to go to this Saturday.”
“Don’t you have an extra ticket?” Marlen asked
“Yes I do.”
“I can be your date.” Marlen laughed
“I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. But if anything, I will let you know.” I smiled

                Without even realizing it, I guess and found out that I knew what I would do…move to a new city.

*Note: The characters are inspired by real life beings but portrayals and some situations are fictitious.